I Tried To Learn About BABIES From Weird KIDS Animated Stories?! w/ Gloom

16 jan 2021
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Gloom found a WEIRD animated channel for kids called Avocado Couple. The animations seem cute and funny at the surface but have LOTS of dirty adult jokes hidden throughout. Today we learn about being pregnant & having babies...
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  • I was born at 3AM, that’s why I can’t sleep until 4AM

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  • are thoes color street nails

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  • I think your baby will be beautiful like Lauren

    Eve Grey {Gacha L&C}Eve Grey {Gacha L&C}10 timmar sedan
  • Lauren if you're having a baby then why isn't yourself having a baby bump are you lying to all of us watching this freaking video all of the videos you have made with you baking pregnant we would know if you were pregnant you you would have a baby bump a freaking baby bump

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  • Fun fact that is not that funny. Did you know chainsaws were originally used to help a woman give birth?😨😳

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  • I know why the man has the seed... they were connected once and then separated

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  • 8:39 foreshadowing

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  • Just one quick question- Why did the avocado put clothes on??? For the first part of the whole thing, he wasn’t wearing clothes- Are they just naked all the time- 😅

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  • Fun fact: all babys are born with blue eyes. Some change depending on the genes.

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  • Lauren joking: that why I’m gonna start a fire! Lauren in two weeks starting a toaster fire Me: ahem

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  • Call it Emma

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    OMG it’s Emma’s show !!!!!!!!!!OMG it’s Emma’s show !!!!!!!!!!7 dagar sedan
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  • Hmmm “ imma set the house on fire “ ( along the lines of that ) sounds familiar..... maybe from the toast fire?

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  • Lauren’s child: found and is watching Avocado Couple Lauren: *THE ULTIMATE BETRAYAL!*

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  • Hi

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  • Omg this annoys me because I have 5 siblings 7 step siblings and a sibling i didn't even know i had and a cousin i take care to this day >:(

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  • How you give birth is if the baby is back words you have to get a session wich they cut open your stomach or you have to push it out of your well I'll spare you the details it is where girls go number 1

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  • Just saying it’s more likely at night as you are more relaxed the hormones work better when your relaxed

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    ꨄp̸u̸r̸p̸l̸e̸ p̸e̸t̸u̸n̸i̸a̸ꨄꨄp̸u̸r̸p̸l̸e̸ p̸e̸t̸u̸n̸i̸a̸ꨄ12 dagar sedan
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  • 8:39 foreshadowing

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  • the baby name is burtle

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    Addy Ackerman LeistAddy Ackerman Leist16 dagar sedan
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  • Lauren (not to scare you at all so sorry ahead of time) my labor started at 6:30am or so. I didn’t go to the hospital until 9:30pm and had her at 7:34am the next morning. She was my first and now she is 3 and can’t really remember the pain.

    Tori AlyssaTori Alyssa21 dag sedan
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