WHY Is Everyone Playing This Game?! ...I HATE IT

21 feb 2021
498 037 visningar

I keep seeing everyone playing this Friday Night Funkin' game so I decided to try it & now I'm dead inside & hate everything...
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    June Bean studiosJune Bean studios45 minuter sedan
  • lol u put Fnaf in

    Paul Andrade Sr.Paul Andrade Sr.54 minuter sedan
  • You don't like friday night funkin???

    Paul Andrade Sr.Paul Andrade Sr.Timme sedan
  • FNF is stealing my friends *hmph..*

    ?Goose Games and Toys??Goose Games and Toys?Timme sedan
  • People like me do this with your feet .

    kurikokkumakurikokkuma2 timmar sedan
  • Did you notice that you can use WASD and the arrows?

    HeeroHeero2 timmar sedan
  • I like how Lauren don’t know who skid and pump r

    _ _ Minutes of entertainment_ _ Minutes of entertainment2 timmar sedan
  • I don't know why this is so popular, I even saw my brother playing it. And I heard something about eating girlfriend..

    Maggie_Maggie_3 timmar sedan
  • 8:37 every fnaf fan: this is normal

    4 timmar sedan
  • Idk what this game is

    idkidk4 timmar sedan

    Vicky GolldVicky Golld4 timmar sedan
  • My annoying friend who is a whitty simp:

    Tsuii_ TeaiiTsuii_ Teaii5 timmar sedan
  • Bop...

    Michael AftonMichael Afton5 timmar sedan
  • Albert played this before...

    JupiterOf_MadnessJupiterOf_Madness5 timmar sedan
  • boi i wanted to see ur reaction of the last level of week 5

    JevilJevil5 timmar sedan
  • Animal crossing who

    Am potato ùwúAm potato ùwú5 timmar sedan
  • I just clicked on this video 'cause it looked interesting.

    Ashley LunsfordAshley Lunsford6 timmar sedan
  • It is hard I can't even get past level two

    Unicorn Merm8Unicorn Merm86 timmar sedan
  • child- this isnt a child game ;-;

    her eyesher eyes6 timmar sedan
  • where do i download this game pls?

    suga kookiesuga kookie6 timmar sedan
  • I believe I know the lure of this game. I think so because your bones fail you when you fail at rapping/singing. There are two ways of how the lure starts with Daddy Dearest. Press read more to hear both lures. One way the lure starts: Daddy Dearest(The purple man with black and red eyes) doesn’t want you to be dating his daughter(The girlfriend[woman sitting on the speakers]) and tries to sing you to death! So you(the boyfriend[the man on the right that you are controlling]) accept his challenge! Another way to start the lure: Daddy Dearest want the girlfriend for himself and the only way he is giving her up is a rapping/singing competition, and if he wins, his conditions are for the boyfriend(you know, protagonist) to die. And the boyfriend accepts the challenge! Lure continued: After Daddy Dearest looses, he calls his friends and wife to help kill the B(boyfriend). They all accept, and he even gets a game into it! Skip and pump go first(actually second), and fail at spooking B on the spooky month. Next we have Pico, who was a murderer as a child, and is still at it, tries to sing B out, while having a gun pointed at him or the G(girlfriend). This gun does not intimidate the B and he accepts and wins! Then, we have Mommy... and Mommy must murder. Again, B accepts her ‘safe’ taxi ride to a sushi shop. And you probably guessed it, the B did not fail again! After that, the B and G go on a date and decide to play some games. Uh oh! Turns out Daddy Dearest cursed the games! Senpia(the cursed game’s protagonist[I think]) tries to sing to get the G’s heart. He fails... But he tries again. He fails... What the? Some sort of face monster soul thing broke out of Senpia and wants freedom! Luckily the B does not fail again. Uh oh! Mod alert! Finally The B and G decide to practice in a back alley! Wait... who is that? It seems Whitty needs alone time... and also the B decides to challenge this guy to a battle!... but why? Whitty goes simple at first, but then... he eventually explodes and rebirths... and he is hard and MAD! Should’ve left him alone! But, the B wins again, and finally leaves Whitty alone while he is cheering the G up, because Whitty exploding scared her... That’s basically it for now! Huh? It turns out the B knows he is a rapping game! He messes with the files and finds a lemon monster... and challenges him to a rap battle... for some weird reason! The lemon monster, free of file captivity, lost, only wanting to... boil the G because he was hungry!? What the heck!? Now that is basically everything!

    Avery ZielnickiAvery Zielnicki7 timmar sedan
  • In my opinion I don’t like this game..just my opinion

    GachaBoy LikesGachalifeGachaBoy LikesGachalife7 timmar sedan
  • The person who made the spooky month short actually helped with the game

    SquidPaintSquidPaint7 timmar sedan
  • Bro it’s u know what’s weird I am like a anime kid yes really and my name is Monica

    Planet MoonlightPlanet Moonlight7 timmar sedan
  • Me being so surprised that she knows fanaf

    Amiyah BonillaAmiyah Bonilla8 timmar sedan
  • I’m here for ur reaction

    Ethan VillenEthan Villen8 timmar sedan
  • I know why

    Ethan VillenEthan Villen8 timmar sedan

    temmie go to colegtemmie go to coleg8 timmar sedan
  • Me to I hate it

    Janice SmithJanice Smith9 timmar sedan
  • My respect for you when you did the Fnaf one: 📈📈📈

    Halo QasmiHalo Qasmi9 timmar sedan
  • Does no one notice that when you die your characters balls turn blue? That’s a weird thing for them to add into the game.

    Mini MimiMini Mimi9 timmar sedan
  • I can't find it I love this game

    Mohamad HammoudMohamad Hammoud10 timmar sedan
    • Plz I'm only 5

      Mohamad HammoudMohamad Hammoud10 timmar sedan
    • I can't stop crying 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

      Mohamad HammoudMohamad Hammoud10 timmar sedan
    • Plz help me 😭

      Mohamad HammoudMohamad Hammoud10 timmar sedan
  • I only got to week 1 before having a mental breakdown

    Nintendo Switch StudiosNintendo Switch Studios10 timmar sedan
  • Lauren: **trying her hardest** The dude: **having a seizure**

    Sophie Sans fangirlSophie Sans fangirl10 timmar sedan
  • The springlock failure ah yes

    Madalynn BurtonMadalynn Burton10 timmar sedan
  • Monica should have been singing just monika

    emily_ masteremily_ master11 timmar sedan
  • my brother is litteraly playing this rn

    G̸l̴i̵t̴c̶h̶i̷n̷g̸ MaeG̸l̴i̵t̴c̶h̶i̷n̷g̸ Mae11 timmar sedan
  • Can I get a heart pls,prettiest pls😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭pls

    Nusera RianNusera Rian11 timmar sedan
  • Claim your “ here before the title was changed to I hate it instead of it made me hate myself” ticket here

    Just some Danganronpa fanJust some Danganronpa fan11 timmar sedan
  • I wanna see ppl play muse dash still- coz god if you think this is hard just wait for most the levels in that TuT AND ITS ONLY TWO CONTROLS

    Sam83 Is randomSam83 Is random11 timmar sedan

    Christian PhelpsChristian Phelps11 timmar sedan
  • And thats just human sonic

    SxgurCookieSxgurCookie11 timmar sedan
  • i dont like that you said you hate the game. that was just very rude.

    Anabella SolteszAnabella Soltesz12 timmar sedan
  • I came here cus im seeing soo many animation memes of this and have never heard about this before so I came here

    SxgurCookieSxgurCookie12 timmar sedan
  • She is watching a video but pertending to play the game

    Mariah MMariah M12 timmar sedan
  • I seen Yub

    Sebastian DuBienSebastian DuBien12 timmar sedan
  • dOo DoO dOoOoOoO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LaurenZside 2021

    Szofi Daroczi-KosaSzofi Daroczi-Kosa12 timmar sedan
  • Lauren doesn’t know spooky month?!?! my god it’s the best thing sr pelo has ever created

    Nectar BeeNectar Bee13 timmar sedan
  • You forgot the tutorial

    Wolf's grv adventuresWolf's grv adventures13 timmar sedan
  • When I go to Roblox in meet city there are these type of parties that is like basically the game that you’re playing and I just don’t understand it because when I was watching the video there was this creepy thing and I’m like what?

    *-Roblox Lover-**-Roblox Lover-*13 timmar sedan
  • Hey larunzside love your voidose I watched one and I likes it it’s so good so I subscribed I love your videos the best weather I fell sad I wach you and I’m so so happy

    BethanyBethany14 timmar sedan
  • lauren you should had just used the tutoriel to know what's going on in this game. Next time if you wanna do easy.. just ask me for help-

    sbthailandsbthailand14 timmar sedan
  • Nobody is gonna talk about where the 2 dots are when he fails?😀

    Mint CloudMint Cloud14 timmar sedan
  • This game is on roblox also 😤I personally don’t know why my friends play it

    Brooklyn RepiceBrooklyn Repice14 timmar sedan
  • Is Friday night funkin

    Kanisa PutriKanisa Putri14 timmar sedan
  • i played this before

    SilverTheFox 112SilverTheFox 11214 timmar sedan
  • Sorry lauren but I love this game

    cat artcat art14 timmar sedan

    Anna Patricia AoalinAnna Patricia Aoalin16 timmar sedan
  • I love how the editor cut out the nuts part (ya know what im talking about)

    ꧁AuraBunnyTea꧂꧁AuraBunnyTea꧂16 timmar sedan
  • I got a bed add before watching this and it was just like Friday funkin music- What

    • S̸u̸n̸f̸l̸o̸w̸e̸r̸ s̸k̸y̸z̸ •• S̸u̸n̸f̸l̸o̸w̸e̸r̸ s̸k̸y̸z̸ •17 timmar sedan
  • i play this game with my sisters

    Jenny NovellaJenny Novella17 timmar sedan
  • 8:50 springtrap

    Ghosti_BreadGhosti_Bread17 timmar sedan
  • Flamingo/ Albert also played this game

    Becky WadeBecky Wade18 timmar sedan
  • I love lauren sense she joned SEworld ♡

    XxwolfiexXXxwolfiexX18 timmar sedan
  • That's lemon man

    Luz CalanzaLuz Calanza19 timmar sedan
  • My cousin her last month obsession: Gacha club you probably have no idea what that means but I’m to lazy to explain Now FRIDAY NIGHT FUNKIN

    sas0828sas082820 timmar sedan
  • Petition for Lauren To do,How do Ya do fellow kids!!

    tillyz machelltillyz machell21 timme sedan
  • Creepy thing is the lemon head true the lemon to lemonade 😎

    Titit HassanTitit Hassan22 timmar sedan
  • Lemon demon: I’M GONNA TEAR YOUR EYES OUTTTTT Lauren: **Laugh** I’m gonna tear your eyes out? XD Me: Did Lauren just laugh at people getting murdered-

    Sam SletmoeSam Sletmoe22 timmar sedan
  • Lauren: screaming Her child inside her: OML STFU I ACTUALLY WANT TO BE ABORTED RN-

    _ Kokichi Ouma __ Kokichi Ouma _22 timmar sedan
  • *Blue balls*

    Daniela JimenezDaniela Jimenez23 timmar sedan
  • You can do anything if you just try it

    Larry OrcuttLarry Orcutt23 timmar sedan
  • If lauren win with that "senpai" she gonna freak out see his face..

    Lazy Wolfie OfficialLazy Wolfie Official23 timmar sedan
  • Lauren I don’t think beat games are your thing Edit: pico is from another as a collab to bring more attention to the original game picos school

    - xXboba_sodaXx -- xXboba_sodaXx -23 timmar sedan
  • Lauren: Ha! Easy....1:18 Lauren: 1:51

    HoneyBunny PlayZHoneyBunny PlayZ23 timmar sedan
  • I want someone to take a clip of this video and put the song Monster in background Monster

    jayROCK:]jayROCK:]Dag sedan
  • 😒 why do you hate it

    StårrÿïnnïtStårrÿïnnïtDag sedan
  • you are actully rude?

    ꧁sammydevel꧂ meme꧁sammydevel꧂ memeDag sedan
  • 6:03 i see she skipped the bad part that I’m also not gonna day :I

    Ellie PriceEllie PriceDag sedan
  • My brother has it I play it to and my brother and dad

    Estefania ManzanaresEstefania ManzanaresDag sedan
  • There are modes that get harder sorry.

    Animal lover /super rainbow familyAnimal lover /super rainbow familyDag sedan
  • I think I saw fnaf? :D

    Kaity BugKaity BugDag sedan
  • It’s Friday night when I’m saying this... 0o0

    The_Strange _OneThe_Strange _OneDag sedan
  • im going to worship you now for playing this

    Michelle GidlofMichelle GidlofDag sedan
  • That lemon thing is gonna give me nightmares

    cookie bookiecookie bookieDag sedan
  • I spiritually connect with the intro

    KarazKarazDag sedan
  • You said you hate right Lauren NOW DO MORE!

    Princesa GoPrincesa GoDag sedan
  • Avocados from mexico

    Sweet ToothSweet ToothDag sedan
  • Ah yes William Afton

    *•coco_puffs• **•coco_puffs• *Dag sedan
  • Why I love that so much so does my sister

    cat gameingcat gameingDag sedan
  • You should practice on ro beat :)

    The two are happyThe two are happyDag sedan
  • Has she done the whitty mod I would love to see her play the whitty mod

    Jt TobieJt TobieDag sedan
  • The weird thing is... I had and ad about this

    Abby’s studiosAbby’s studiosDag sedan

    itouchpeopleitouchpeopleDag sedan
  • This is creepy- I don't like this-

    Blueberry GamezBlueberry GamezDag sedan
  • Me really wanting lauren to do the hatsune miku mod: ;v;

    Anyone with the name mangoAnyone with the name mangoDag sedan
  • I like how I am better at this game than Lauren

    KKtrinaSaidSoKKtrinaSaidSoDag sedan

    My FamilyMy FamilyDag sedan
  • Lauren: okay we have both your parents now and your dad's threatening Santa Santa:Lauren save me Lauren changes subject and says she going to make out with there daughter Santa:what the hell lauren you didnt save me

    Kawaii_teddybearKawaii_teddybearDag sedan
  • No one: Lauren: *Don't make me into a animotronic turn my girlfriend into one*

    YuukinaYuukinaDag sedan