I Almost Burned My House Down (Caught On Camera) & Then Bought a $300 Smart Toaster

5 feb 2021
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So I recently accidentally caught our toaster on fire which almost burned our house down if I didn't catch it as fast as I did. The whole thing was caught on our security cameras & afterwards, caused me to buy a $300 smart toaster for some reason...
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  • Y'all have the same toaster as me, da HECK!

    Alyxandria LunemannAlyxandria LunemannTimme sedan
  • Why did i think that the toester was a marshmelow at first???

    mLeM mLeM catmLeM mLeM cat5 timmar sedan
  • The dad jokes are already coming out 😂

    PolarGaming YYPolarGaming YY6 timmar sedan
  • Lauren almost destroyed her house for yt twice 😔✋

    beloxobeloxo6 timmar sedan
  • Lauren, I love your channel even more. That is also my favorite one. It's not super sweet with 97 different toppings. And toasted it is *chefs kiss*

    Inayah JonesInayah Jones6 timmar sedan
  • AND THE $1000 REWARD GOES TO LAURENZSIDE WITH THE SAYING "Uhh bobby?(Yeah) I set the toaster on fire ( Really?) Yeah *chuckles as the flames rise*"

    Mrs. PastelMrs. Pastel6 timmar sedan
  • Omg I hope you are all ok 🤯🤯

    Emma BlakeEmma Blake6 timmar sedan
  • Wtf is fluff on a sandwich

    The GeraldThe Gerald6 timmar sedan

    Annamaria DiGrigoliAnnamaria DiGrigoli8 timmar sedan
  • Bobby: *screaming about the fire* Dexter *DrAmAAAA*

    camila hicamila hi8 timmar sedan
  • *Lauren eating bread* The baby: Oo bread ok I'm excited what is she gonna eat next The baby again: More bread.... Ok what next... The baby AGAIN:mom you better feed me good is that? Bread GOD GOD excuse me can I have a different mother?

    Nooran MustafaNooran Mustafa13 timmar sedan
  • Bobby alteady started making dad jokes

    Billie’s EyelashBillie’s Eyelash16 timmar sedan
  • (1 _1)

    menchi cinnamonmenchi cinnamon18 timmar sedan
  • ✨ b r e a d ✨

    Olivia HohenseeOlivia Hohensee22 timmar sedan
  • Brown sugar cinnamon is. The. Best. I never thought I’d find someone else who shared my opinion. Lol

    clocloe 333clocloe 33323 timmar sedan
  • When your parents bought not only a smart fridge, but a smart washer and drier machiene, a smart dishwasher, some weird cooking thing known as a "cookido" (which is really just a blender that also heats stuff up as well as cools it) a toaster oven but we dont have a smart toaster...

    Salty Hot ChocolateSalty Hot ChocolateDag sedan
  • The thing with Lauren is that she never clickbaits. The flood was real and it was just meant to be a normal bath bomb video. This wasn’t even meant to be a video and it was caught on the security cameras

    Dream SMP clipsDream SMP clipsDag sedan
  • Honestly the smores poptart frozen is BOMB! And the Strawberry heated for a couple seconds in the microwave is also 👌🏼. Also the fact that Bobby ran so fast in there to protect Lauren and baby and pupper followed as well~

    Kalypso FoxKalypso FoxDag sedan
  • The non-tech new toaster is the exact same toaster that I have

    SxnnyDayz GamingSxnnyDayz GamingDag sedan
  • When she said bath bomb issue I had just found it right when she said it...

    Lezly LopezLezly LopezDag sedan
  • I did this once except with my stove...😅

    Samantha EgbertSamantha EgbertDag sedan
  • Did you get your sandwich

    It’s HarperIt’s HarperDag sedan
  • Its only toasted on one side because you need to flip it around then it with be toasted on both sides

    Surf PickleSurf PickleDag sedan
  • this makes me all of a sudden crave bread.

    kork simpkork simpDag sedan
  • William Afton be like- HOW COULD YOU BURN THE TOASTER!?!?!?

    Arianna HreskoArianna HreskoDag sedan
  • LUREN: I set the roster on fire : luaghs in a evil way

    Krew LegendsKrew LegendsDag sedan
  • lauren: uhh bobby i set the toster on fire :) bobby: O.o ...OH MY GOD!

    Yasmine SosYasmine SosDag sedan
  • Bobby: Puts out fire. *Sighs* Me: MOOD!

    Somebody GamingSomebody GamingDag sedan
  • I remember when my my stepmoms sister come over and my bother was crying in his room and she left the toast in the toaster and went to see my bother at the other end of the house and my sister was just like ugh Lilla is fire? Yeah is fire oh no is fire Lilla ( she can't say my real name it's Amelia not Lilla) and I was like wait WHAT! Ugh Ashley the TOASTERS ON FIRE! Then she's comes running saying oh crap in such a calm voice and my sister is just sitting next to it giggling saying is fire and I'm just watching it all happen. Well that's a story no one wanted to hear. Hope ya liked it

    Little Bunny!Little Bunny!Dag sedan
  • I love how the few times lauren puts *gone wrong* in the title, something actually goes horribly wrong

    LynnLynnDag sedan
  • Lruens's baby in the future " why was so calm"

    the gachaandrobloxcousinsthe gachaandrobloxcousinsDag sedan
  • Woman they make sandwich toaster makers, I have one in my house 😂

    Alice GarzaAlice GarzaDag sedan
  • Brown sugar cinnamon is probably the best

    Maryemma ChavezMaryemma ChavezDag sedan
  • the way you just calmly said: uh bobby.... I set the toaster on fire

    MCmonstructUKMCmonstructUK2 dagar sedan
  • my little sister burnt a microwave by putting a house phone in it

    EmilyEmily800EmilyEmily8002 dagar sedan

    wolf playswolf plays2 dagar sedan
  • the stories your going to be telling your kid

    Gacha my little Galaxy girlGacha my little Galaxy girl2 dagar sedan
  • I luv it

    Anh Phương NguyễnAnh Phương Nguyễn2 dagar sedan
  • This is the ToasterZside channel.

    Anh Phương NguyễnAnh Phương Nguyễn2 dagar sedan
  • "Uh, Bobby? I set the toaster on fire." Lauren said calmly.

    Ekaterina BolgovaEkaterina Bolgova2 dagar sedan
  • Lauren is absolutely losing her mind she is spending so much money on a toaster when she can spend like £20 on a regular one but she's like no I want expensive one so I don't light the toaster on fire

    Sorina BolboriciSorina Bolborici2 dagar sedan

    AmyGamesRobloxAmyGamesRoblox2 dagar sedan
  • Another title : How to set your toaster on fire 101 Sorry i had to xD

    Lunar Eclipseora miniariLunar Eclipseora miniari2 dagar sedan
  • Actual title : Pregenant woman lights toaster on fire and almost burns down house.

    Lunar Eclipseora miniariLunar Eclipseora miniari2 dagar sedan
  • You haven’t lived in this house for a long and you flooded it and almost put the house in fire 🔥

    Xiao Jun ShengXiao Jun Sheng2 dagar sedan
  • Me watching Laurenzside:😆 Add comes:😫 Remembers forgot earplugs:😲 Thinks i dont need to pause add:😀 Thinks dumb head is smart:😎 Comes back with earplugs but add is over and is halfway through video when adds are always so long and i was away for only ten seconds:😑

    Maya McSabeyMaya McSabey2 dagar sedan
  • The Avatar has something against the Z-side household

    Yaffah FerberYaffah Ferber3 dagar sedan
  • I had a toaster fire

    christina ruschelchristina ruschel3 dagar sedan
  • Bobby is already practicing his dad jokes before the baby comes. Dad score: 10/10

    Julia BubelisJulia Bubelis3 dagar sedan
  • Lauren's selling points for a Toaster: dOeS iT cUrE cAnCeR? Is It FiRePrOoF? Is It LAURNENPROOF?! if so... SHE WILL BUY THE $300 TOASTER

    Goth Wolf GoddessGoth Wolf Goddess3 dagar sedan
  • Cinnamon and brown sugar pop tart is the BESSSSSSSSST pop tart!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Delaney Does ItDelaney Does It3 dagar sedan
  • My mom cant use our toster cuz it haz gluten hidden in it🤫🤫🤫

    Foxes PlayFoxes Play3 dagar sedan
  • I love it how you’re just so calm about setting the toaster on fire XD

    Cheyenne LiuCheyenne Liu3 dagar sedan
  • “Uh, Bobby? I set the toaster on fire.” -Laurenzside 2021

    Sofia MartinezSofia Martinez3 dagar sedan
  • She's gonna find a way to flood it, or get it struck with lightning, or something else like that. I also live how Lauren's so calm, and Bobby's just screaming at her to open the door, and throws the toaster that's LITERALLY ON FIRE into the snow

    Belle-BearBelle-Bear3 dagar sedan
  • I'm dying after watching Joe carmly Lauren was compared to Bobby

    Abigail RichmondAbigail Richmond3 dagar sedan
  • Dont worry lauren when my mom was preggo with me she forgot she was cooking food and went grocery shopping and then to the park. Then came home to see a GIANT fire and firemen everywhere.

    Fantasy DreamlandFantasy Dreamland3 dagar sedan
  • SmArTeSt person in the world award goes to....... LUARENZSIDE!

    AneTheTeaBagAneTheTeaBag3 dagar sedan
  • Lauren if its hight tec that doesn't always mean it is safe fnaf fans know what i mean springlocks

    Nicole PorterNicole Porter3 dagar sedan
  • Lauren:uhh I set the toaster on fire Bobby gets up and runs: really?

    Moon_LightMunchkinMoon_LightMunchkin3 dagar sedan
  • Imagen Lauren trying to tell her kid why they have 2 toasters.

    Wierd Anime kidWierd Anime kid3 dagar sedan
  • I love how she said so calmly "uh Bobby..? I set the toaster on fire"

    Rascal_103Rascal_1033 dagar sedan
  • she was so calm when she told 'Bobby the toaster is no fire' while Bobby is on protection mode Bobby: Welcome back Lauren: laughs

  • I'm so hungryyyy ;-;

    It's fiesty RoxyIt's fiesty Roxy3 dagar sedan
  • Bobby:Are you ready Me:I am hungry 🤤

    MonkeyRaMonkeyRa3 dagar sedan
  • I can’t wait for the star child!!

    Living ForeverLiving Forever3 dagar sedan
  • Ok, I know I'm supposed to be talking about stuff that's relayed to the vid, but I literally use the exact butter, and cream cheese, and bread, and bagels. I know. I'm not stalking Lauren I swear.

    Elizabeth MorganElizabeth Morgan3 dagar sedan
  • Id rather flood my house than burn it down

    Lydia NelsonLydia Nelson3 dagar sedan
  • What is fluff?

    Lily AhlswedeLily Ahlswede3 dagar sedan
  • hey don't complain about your back not being toasted I don't eat them toasted at all they're completely cold

    Mia WatgenMia Watgen3 dagar sedan
  • yes ma'am i like my pop tarts frozen

    Mia WatgenMia Watgen3 dagar sedan
  • "Uh bobby" "yeah" "I set the toaster on fire" -Bobby runs- I love how clam you are xD

    Goxy GixyGoxy Gixy3 dagar sedan
  • "Uh Bobby" "yeah what's up" I set the toaster on fire😳" Bobby: "RUNS TO THE KITCHEN "open it open it OPEN IT" Bobby: "puts the toaster in the snow" Bobby: "throughs a snow ball at the toaster" 😂🤣

    Denki-Me-SimpDenki-Me-Simp4 dagar sedan
  • But... but did Lauren ever get her sandwich?

    Nerdy GerlyNerdy Gerly4 dagar sedan
  • This reminds me of that episode in Schitts Creek! lol Also how do you have SNOW That's so COOOOL where I'm from we like never get it!!! LUCKY!!

    Sassy SalsaSassy Salsa4 dagar sedan
  • Welp. This got me thinking of last month. So in january i moved my bed sideways against my wires and yes i know its not a smart idea and I'll tell you why. So i was on a call with a friend and we were moving our rooms around, so i decided to move my bed, so i accidentally pulled out a wire while moving the bed. So i went to my grandpa and said "can you plug a wire back in, it fell out of the wall" and he walks into my room and sais " YOU COULD HAVE CAUGHT OUT F*ING HOUSE ON FIRE" so i go behind my door and say i i-im sorry:/" and then i remember that i snaped my old tablet against my knee cause i couldn't get passed level 5 in super mario.

    REEE that's our thangREEE that's our thang4 dagar sedan
  • Lauren: uuuhhhh Bobby I set the toaster on fire.... Bobby:REALLY WHAT Also Bobby:LAUREN WHAT THE @&*$% AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH PUT IT OOOOOUUUUTTTTTTTTT

    James gyalJames gyal4 dagar sedan
  • Hey I have that regular toaster. 😄

    Amiko kit-katAmiko kit-kat4 dagar sedan
  • I freeze my pop tarts

    •wichie••wichie•4 dagar sedan
  • Imagine how many stupid pregnancy story’s you will be able to tell your child 😂😂😂😂💖 love your videos btw

    Aiko AckermanAiko Ackerman4 dagar sedan
  • Best poptart is cookie dough Ima still eat poptarts for breakfast

    Avatar EditzAvatar Editz4 dagar sedan
  • *not me just hearing the discord incoming call audio within the background music*

    aya angelaya angel4 dagar sedan
  • If Lauren knows how to flood a house and set a toaster on fire, then surely she knows not to giggle when in one of these situations?

    Vicky BlankenVicky Blanken4 dagar sedan
  • That will be a fun story to tell to your kid

    Clover OsieckiClover Osiecki4 dagar sedan
  • The whole conversation: "Uhh bobby?" "Yeah?" "Uhh I set the toaster on fire..." "Really?" *laughs* "yeah.." "Crap" "Oh my god" "Oh my god!" "Look out!" "S***" "I dunno what to do" "We gotta bring it outside" ..... "OpenitOpenit!OPENIT!" "......can you carry it though?" "JUST HURRY!" *puts toaster in snow* "Sigh"

    Captain_{ClxverCaptain_{Clxver4 dagar sedan
    • Also did Bobby think this was a prank at first? I'm just imagining: Lauren: uhhh Bobby? Bobby: yeah? Lauren: I set the toaster on fire..... Bobby mind: she's pranking me again🙄🙄🙄 * smells smoke and realizes it's not a prank* *Dexter doesn't care* *Dexter smells smoke and runs in to help*

      Captain_{ClxverCaptain_{Clxver3 dagar sedan
  • Well... Crap

    PinkInfectedIvyPinkInfectedIvy4 dagar sedan
  • Lauren. Your house is going to kill you it hates you

    BrightmoonAnimationsBrightmoonAnimations4 dagar sedan
  • Bobby takes the "toaster channel" so seriously is this a sign they should start a toaster review channel

    Addison JusticeAddison Justice4 dagar sedan
  • lol bobby is so happy to eat the food lol

    iris escarcegairis escarcega4 dagar sedan
  • i tried today it wasn't what i expected but okay

    iris escarcegairis escarcega4 dagar sedan
  • The fact that he threw some what snow on a flaming toaster

    fun fanfun fan4 dagar sedan
  • "the toaster is on fire" "really!?" OH MY GOD I LAUGHED SO HARD BUT I FEEL SO BAD FOR LAUGHING--

    SweetFoxyGirl29SweetFoxyGirl294 dagar sedan
  • Bobby puting the toast outside XD

    Brooklyn RepiceBrooklyn Repice4 dagar sedan
  • What is a Peanut-butter and jelly FLUFF sandwich 🥪?????????

    LillyLilly4 dagar sedan
  • "Im also just kind of stupid" *same*

    -Green Tea--Green Tea-4 dagar sedan
  • As the flooding incedent, we will remember this for history... LITERALLY

    GalaxyWolf_565GalaxyWolf_5655 dagar sedan
  • Dexter knew from how bobby sprang up that he had the fight or fight chemical in his brsin on over dr dogs..... they are smart wait no dexter is galabrain because he lives with the queen of space

    Alex gamerAlex gamer5 dagar sedan
  • When the kid gets older whos going to tell her that her mom burned the house down just trying to make some bread with peanut butter and jelly '-' lol

  • No bread. No Lauren.

    Claire PowersClaire Powers5 dagar sedan
  • Bobby is testing the waters for dad jokes in this video.

    Elora KimuraElora Kimura5 dagar sedan