I Forced Sims to Eat FAST FOOD ...Until They Died

14 feb 2021
912 656 visningar

I found this NEW Sims 4 Greasy Goods custom content pack & had to try it out in the only way I knew how... by FORCING my Sims to eat Fast Food Until they die... for Valentine's Day! Yay!
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  • Yanderes: You will never love food as much as me! Lauren: YOU MUST LOVE FOOD AS MUCH AS ME!!!

    StabbyCatStabbyCat57 minuter sedan
  • Lauren being a kid be like:EAT MY FOOD

    Amy FoustAmy FoustTimme sedan

    The wise gamerThe wise gamer4 timmar sedan
  • What do i love the most in this world?oh yeah! MC DONALDS Bobby watching this: I-

    Rats OutletRats Outlet5 timmar sedan
  • I may be late but she's crazy we love her but she's crazy

    Mist GrayMist Gray6 timmar sedan
  • Happy Valitines day! Lauren: MICDONALDS!!! Ppl watching: Omg omg why laruen P.S IM NOT A HATER

    Gacha Spark:3Gacha Spark:36 timmar sedan
  • Lauren: Oh hey Sharon! Me: I thought you hated Sharon- My Brain: /(`.`)/ *wut*

    Eijiro KirishimaEijiro Kirishima6 timmar sedan

    Jennifer EckermannJennifer Eckermann7 timmar sedan
  • Lauren: fast food

    ms simsms sims7 timmar sedan
  • Me: weakness food Other ppl : weakness sadness

    ms simsms sims8 timmar sedan
  • Lauren: fast food is my true love Bobby: then marry the fast food 😂😂😂

    Jaimee BougardtJaimee Bougardt8 timmar sedan
  • Fun fact:in 2020 some youtubers got pregnant so did my mom get pregnant and she is not a youtuber and she just gave birth

    Nicolette PaulAngegjjnNicolette PaulAngegjjn9 timmar sedan
  • :)

    Jessica LairdJessica Laird9 timmar sedan
  • Yes

    Jessica LairdJessica Laird9 timmar sedan
  • Lauren: "happy valentines day!" me: "More like happy food/DEATH to all sims day!!!"

    co co puffs cookieco co puffs cookie11 timmar sedan
  • Laren! name your restaurant "zside donalds" and make more vids of this.Its SO funny you make me laugh in every video! 😊😋

    co co puffs cookieco co puffs cookie11 timmar sedan
  • Lauren: Who is my one true love? Lauren: Fast food is my one true love! Bobby, her husband and the father of her child: ...Am I a joke to you?

    hwello :Dhwello :D13 timmar sedan

    mack_rodriguezmack_rodriguez13 timmar sedan
  • I'm twenty seven seconds into the video and I feel sorry for Bobby. Poor him.

    Matilde FarinhaMatilde Farinha14 timmar sedan
  • Lauren : 1:28 Also Lauren : Literally feeds her sims fast-food until they DIE

    Islafroggy YTIslafroggy YT14 timmar sedan
  • Lauren:My one true love is MCDONALDS! Bobby:Hold my dog

    yeet Plays gamesyeet Plays games16 timmar sedan
  • Server: **Drops plates cutely** Lauren: **Chokes** HOW DARE YOU EMBARRASS ME IN FRONT OF MY CUSTOMERS!? HOW DARE YOU!?

    Sam SletmoeSam Sletmoe17 timmar sedan
  • ?????????

    BlackBerry poisonBlackBerry poison19 timmar sedan
  • when she said what do i love morwe than anything in the world i thought just for a sec only a second she was going to say bread but then i rememberes the titl

    Soapy SpongeSoapy Sponge20 timmar sedan

    Kristen StuebnerKristen Stuebner21 timme sedan
  • In your job simulator videos you hate Ed Sheeran

    Bot GangBot Gang22 timmar sedan
  • I call it mc z

    Mini gaming DemonMini gaming Demon22 timmar sedan
  • Lauren: my true love is fast food Bobby watching this be like 😳

    Danika McCutcheonDanika McCutcheon23 timmar sedan
  • Girl: drops food Lauren: HOW DARE YOU >:)

    Annabelle BuenaventuraAnnabelle Buenaventura23 timmar sedan
  • No one: *EVeRYoNe eaTING fASTfOoD IN COVId*

    TsüyúTsüyú23 timmar sedan
  • Lauren:What do I live in the world? Me: BOBBY Lauren:MCDONALDS Bobby: :0

    CookieliveCookieliveDag sedan
  • Who’s still in 2080? I want to go back to 2021

    Jessica CohenJessica CohenDag sedan
  • Its called mc zside

    Samantha Rose MansourSamantha Rose MansourDag sedan
  • Hewwwwwwooooo everyone stay safe and stay strong

    Rose StracenerRose StracenerDag sedan
  • Why is this so funny 😂😂😂

    Amy GAmy GDag sedan
  • Lauren McDonalds I mean Lauren mc z side Donald’s I mean Lauren mc Donald’s side I mean Lauren mc z side

    Amy GAmy GDag sedan
  • This video is in my nightmare list not literally

    Samantha RedmondSamantha RedmondDag sedan
  • Employee drops food Lauren: its time to die

    Chloe CarmenChloe CarmenDag sedan
  • R.I.P the poor buggies😔😔

    Scholastic Book Fair EScholastic Book Fair EDag sedan
  • Me seeing the beginning: *very ugly laugh🤩👌 *

    Gliτchý Snuggles xoxoGliτchý Snuggles xoxoDag sedan
  • Lauren future child : mom stop Lauren: in the background choking people because they dropped food

    Jessi LasswellJessi LasswellDag sedan
  • Lauren you always put a smile on my face

    Michelle UnderwoodMichelle UnderwoodDag sedan
  • Who else is watching this while eating McDonald’s

    All around ROBLOX XDAll around ROBLOX XDDag sedan
  • Manager: Miss Lauren I dropped the food 🍱 can you tell the customer that it will be a bit longer? Lauren: *shoves food in mouth* Me: *watching* Also me: *demonetised* Manager: *Dies* Lauren: *Looks at me and stairs evil* Me: *Runs*

    kashdiamondkashdiamondDag sedan
  • Gimme yo weave!!! Lol

    Erin PhoenixErin PhoenixDag sedan
  • I have a video idea you should do a video in sims and it is about you and bobby and you can make it about how you are pregnant ☺️

    jaydejaydeDag sedan
  • laurenz darkside o_o

    lilly albalilly albaDag sedan
  • *Lauren shes fine* me:yes she is fine the passed out of how much they loved her burger oh well everything is normal cops just jelly *the poeple HELP WE BEING KILLED*me puts tape on mouth takes of they just love it they never ever hate it.. me: im fine.. :)

    Lia NiemandLia NiemandDag sedan
  • I love fast food as much as you do! I like ketchup and bread. Its good tho.

    Benjiman NBenjiman NDag sedan
  • Me after watching; Mum: *Drops a french fry* Me: Stares at her with demonic flames in my eyes: 🔥 👄🔥

    Wild Fire WolfWild Fire WolfDag sedan
  • Lauren: my true love! Mac donalds *Bobby crying in the corner*

    Amelia KijewskaAmelia KijewskaDag sedan
  • Lauren, Please do more like this video. It really makes me laugh.

    TomageTomageDag sedan
  • 7:48 is it just me or did she say "Init" aka "Hot" bc Init is a Filipino language also called Hot in English

    •Star Willow••Star Willow•Dag sedan
  • Me: 😁 yay . Sims: help me the pain😭! Lauren: until they die! 😈

    Puppy UniformPuppy UniformDag sedan
  • Girl : *drops food by mistake Lauren:🏌️‍♀️

    lee hoonilee hooniDag sedan
  • LOL

    Aya Majid13Aya Majid13Dag sedan
  • pregnant Lauren is crazy...

    Samantha RossSamantha RossDag sedan
  • What people think Lauren’s valentine would be: Bobby What is actually is: McDonald’s 👁👄👁

    『Stormγ Gαchα』『Stormγ Gαchα』Dag sedan
  • What is your name on roblox

    Rachel CotinolaRachel CotinolaDag sedan
  • Lauren: what do I love most in this world? MCDONALDS Bobby watching this: ... *Top Ten Anime Betrayals*

    Winter BearWinter BearDag sedan
  • Ronald McDonald stealing your girl bobby

    Shanelle AbenesShanelle AbenesDag sedan
  • It’s going to be so funny when her kid/s are going to watch this in the future 😂

    Elizabeth GonzalezElizabeth GonzalezDag sedan
  • My true love is chick fil a 💓💓

    Kailen HollandKailen HollandDag sedan
  • This had my husband and I laughing so hard we cried 🤣🤣

    Malorie PowersMalorie PowersDag sedan
  • Did she say eat your 🐱or did I her that wrong

    Miss ChaosMiss ChaosDag sedan
  • Just remember not all people like nuggets but your glad you have a commenter who likes them

    KittyKittyDag sedan
  • oh my god she put the the food on her mouth and she die

    Layal JomaaLayal Jomaa2 dagar sedan
  • E

    Ellie McGafficEllie McGaffic2 dagar sedan
    • E

      [Channel Deleted][Channel Deleted]Dag sedan
  • Yey

    xXPinkie _PlayzXxxXPinkie _PlayzXx2 dagar sedan
  • Johiyijl

    Lugi MontoyaLugi Montoya2 dagar sedan
  • kill them all you want they are not real peopple their only sims

    Maya AlmonorMaya Almonor2 dagar sedan

    Avery PeachesAltAvery PeachesAlt2 dagar sedan
  • What you love most? Ur fans I gess ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Lyvia MiletteLyvia Milette2 dagar sedan
  • 𝙾𝙼𝙶 𝚕𝚘𝚟𝚎 𝚞 𝙻𝚊𝚞𝚛𝚎𝚗𝚗𝚗!

    Lyvia MiletteLyvia Milette2 dagar sedan
  • Can you imagine being born into a family and your MOM Is LAUREN 😂 she is famous, and funny

    NotYourAverageCubNotYourAverageCub2 dagar sedan
  • What is your true love? Bread or McDonalds?! JUST PICK ONE

    LoplexLoplex2 dagar sedan
  • Me: inhales air Lauren: chokes me to death with a damn burger

    LoplexLoplex2 dagar sedan
  • I love Lauren’s vid I so bad want her merch she’s amazing

    Ruby JohnsonRuby Johnson2 dagar sedan
  • Lauren raving about how her true love is fast food. Bobby in corner crying

    Anna CorbettAnna Corbett2 dagar sedan
  • Did anyone realize that the mczside sign was in Russian.

    Just Fow FUNJust Fow FUN2 dagar sedan
  • And yet the add is about food.

    Freya SirottiFreya Sirotti2 dagar sedan
  • Lauren: McDonald’s is my one true love 😍 Bobby: 👁💧👄💧👁

    EvelynDaCookie 1EvelynDaCookie 12 dagar sedan
  • Lauren is the sims free?

    SunshineSmoothSunshineSmooth2 dagar sedan
  • McZee's!!!!!!!!

    Rosie Norton 22Rosie Norton 222 dagar sedan
  • Mmmmmm yes I will love this Edit: I almost peed my pants from laughing so much 4:20

    Mr SusSauceMr SusSauce2 dagar sedan
  • 0:20 MC.DONALDS

    MartijnVUMartijnVU2 dagar sedan
  • How do you get the murder options on sims 4???

    Misstress LED RAYMisstress LED RAY2 dagar sedan
  • Haha sims

    Melanie YoungMelanie Young2 dagar sedan
  • You can’t just make a normal video can you ?

    Trusted. HuskiesTrusted. Huskies2 dagar sedan
  • my bday was two days after this video

    garfield odiegarfield odie2 dagar sedan

    Alex CheahAlex Cheah2 dagar sedan
  • *Laurens devil mode activated*

    Mangle ;-;Mangle ;-;2 dagar sedan
  • The kids : *dies* The evil girl : happy Valentine's day

    Ellen ink girlEllen ink girl2 dagar sedan
  • The vegan teacher would not approve. But I do :3

    Caitlin ArmstrongCaitlin Armstrong2 dagar sedan
  • Laurenzside:i love mcdonalds Me:me tooo

    clara stoneclara stone2 dagar sedan
  • “I’m happy” - Lauren Her sim: *nervous anxious fear filled smile*

    Sea PupsSea Pups2 dagar sedan
  • YESS McDonald's is my true love

    Izaya ZapataIzaya Zapata2 dagar sedan
  • Ketchup is red Fries are yellow If you love mcdonalds Go eat fast food (So sorry, it doesnt rhymes, BUT ITS ABOUT MCDONALDS:))

    rheirhei2 dagar sedan
  • I thought Bobby was your one true love 😂

    CocoaCocoa2 dagar sedan

    toppem mitsukitoppem mitsuki3 dagar sedan