Pregnant Woman Reacts to Funny Pregnancy Situations ...but They're Not Relatable

6 feb 2021
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Today I'm Reacting to Funny Pregnancy Situations videos that Troom Troom, WooHoo, 123 GO! & 5 Minute Crafts all make. Even though none of these pregnancy situations are actually relatable or true...
Pregnant Woman Reacts to Pregnancy Tik Toks:
Pregnant Woman Plays Pregnancy GIRLS GAMES That Scare Her:
Pregnant Woman Tries WEIRD Pregnancy Cravings:
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  • Uhh my parents and I love ketchup on our pizza-

    MissLogdotInkMissLogdotInk8 minuter sedan
  • The ad before the video was for birth control!!! 🤣🤣

    Biz LemkeBiz Lemke16 minuter sedan
  • Congratulations on the baby!

    Linda HellerLinda Heller18 minuter sedan

    Tyra ItuikaTyra ItuikaTimme sedan
  • Wait you’re pregnant I never knew that!

    keith mittlkeith mittl2 timmar sedan
  • they're science is all wrong...there is literally an umbilical cord for a reason, so your unborn blotch of cells doesn't have to learn to eat while having the brain the size of a almond (Most likely Idk the actual size)

    Pro YeeterPro Yeeter3 timmar sedan
  • ohohohohohohoooooooooo

    Sarah VianiSarah Viani3 timmar sedan
  • eeeeeeeee

    Sarah VianiSarah Viani3 timmar sedan
  • No she didn't cheat she said it's her ex

    vitani weaponvitani weapon4 timmar sedan
  • Gold means twins :>

    Min YangMin Yang4 timmar sedan
  • woohoo is troom troom's second channel.

    Dalaya SofiaDalaya Sofia6 timmar sedan
  • That was brown sugar not dirt and plus she’s not pregnant it’s just something that’s round and big. PS is your baby a boy or a girl your baby?

    JW - 02LJ 894965 Countryside Village PSJW - 02LJ 894965 Countryside Village PS6 timmar sedan
  • My friend is pregnant

    Sabina CondelSabina Condel6 timmar sedan
  • Thir not babies 👶🏼 👶🏼🤰

    White The crewmateWhite The crewmate7 timmar sedan
  • U are a hippakrict

    Taylor HolgateTaylor Holgate7 timmar sedan
  • Random lady “Jenna are u ok” Nobody: Jenna: YUP!

    Peanut MonkeyPeanut Monkey7 timmar sedan
  • My SEworldr unborn baby 😂

    Kiahlyn TeylerKiahlyn Teyler7 timmar sedan
  • Not going to lie but... WHAY HAPPENEDS IF THE BABYS NAME IS ZSIDE!!! dun dun dunnnnnnn

    xxsunny popxxxxsunny popxx7 timmar sedan
  • My friend always wanted a sibling and her mom was finally pregnant her mom got covid and the baby and the mom died 😭😭

    Shweta AwasthiShweta Awasthi8 timmar sedan
  • bRaH 𝚒𝚝𝚜 𝚑𝚊𝚠𝚝 𝚜𝚘𝚞𝚜𝚎

  • The baby's in in your WOOM!

    Lilwenn RennissonLilwenn Rennisson9 timmar sedan
  • 3:31 that is actually relatable bc when my mom was pregnant she craved for dirt

    glitzy_ girlglitzy_ girl10 timmar sedan
  • lauren they dont think shes ugly because shes pregant its just they are pregant meaning they are probably already in a relationship 4:50

    Katie CrouchKatie Crouch12 timmar sedan
  • 1:54 i think thats a pillow...

    Katie CrouchKatie Crouch12 timmar sedan
  • Omg when she drank that water I all most peed

    froggyfroggy12 timmar sedan
  • Be kwiet

    LillysWurldLillysWurld13 timmar sedan
  • 12:15 "Its genderless" Me: *happy non binary noises* Awww she kept talking about it I- My day is fulfilled-

    KingExplosion MurderKingExplosion Murder19 timmar sedan
  • Pregnant woman lifts bottle at gym Everyone: OMG HOW WHAT HAPPENS IF YOU GIVE BIRTH

    Emily ChangEmily Chang20 timmar sedan
  • Me if I was pregnant Walking around Person I don’t know comes up to me and touch’s my belly Me: no * light slap* get away

    Emily ChangEmily Chang20 timmar sedan
  • Is she actully pregnatj

    Sabrina LjubijankicSabrina Ljubijankic21 timme sedan
  • I eat dirt

    Natalie SierraNatalie Sierra21 timme sedan
  • Ngl when I was in my moms stomach I hit the doctor lol

    What a girl gotta do RobloxWhat a girl gotta do Roblox22 timmar sedan
  • When my mom was pregnant with me I didn’t kick at all and it was worrying because they weren’t sure if I was alive

    Adriana TrejosAdriana Trejos22 timmar sedan
  • Lady: eats RAW FRICKING BACON Me:gagging Troom troom:HhmmMMmhHmmm delicious

    Stephanie AlexanderStephanie Alexander23 timmar sedan
  • *Laughing at a video and just randomly start crying*

    Sydney CurrySydney CurryDag sedan
  • That is so true

    Neil TumacaNeil TumacaDag sedan
  • Bruh I'm only 10 and I'm watching pregency videos WHY!!!

    Lori KinsellaLori KinsellaDag sedan
  • RaW bAcOn WiTh NuTeLlA wHeN I’m PrEgAnT iS gReAt AnD dIrT iS aLsO gReAt 👍

    Aileen XuAileen XuDag sedan
  • Woo hoo girl : JĚnnā are Ýou okay Laurenz : No she's not okay . She is not mentally ok . The scary girl heard the baby . The baby liked her . But the other beautiful girl when heard the baby don't like her

    Prajakta PalandePrajakta PalandeDag sedan
  • 👑 👁 👁 👄 👚 👖 👠👠

    Favorite YouTubers are Laurenzside and RobbyFavorite YouTubers are Laurenzside and RobbyDag sedan
  • The other guy is her ex

    Kim TranKim TranDag sedan
  • I’m one of the 10 million.....

    Eiley56Eiley56Dag sedan
  • Your baby will be as butiful as you ❤️

    John StudentJohn StudentDag sedan
    • I would still like you even though your present becuse your butiful

      John StudentJohn StudentDag sedan
  • 4:44 went from she's gorgeous to she's taken

    juke365juke365Dag sedan
  • Are you pregnant???!!!

    Alexa SzücsAlexa SzücsDag sedan
  • Me: watchs Ad: huggies buy some

    XxBlueBerryxXXxBlueBerryxXDag sedan
  • Your amazing LaurenZside 💜

    Derek BakerDerek BakerDag sedan
  • Lauren discovers new channel while pregnant the channel woohoo only the fellow simmers know🥴

    hannah playshannah playsDag sedan
  • i'm still shocked that lauren is going to have a child

    Daisy PearceDaisy PearceDag sedan
  • Nobody: Still nobody: Hungarians: ketchup and mayo squeezed on the slice of pizza 😋 *yummy* 😁😁😁

    Tünde BerdefiTünde BerdefiDag sedan
  • Did you watch the you tube video different ways to say preganant? Pregarnanaanrt lol

    dirtylaundrygirldirtylaundrygirlDag sedan
  • I’m ee fán okay yay

    The cat that likes peopleThe cat that likes peopleDag sedan
  • XD

    six from nightmare 1six from nightmare 1Dag sedan
  • Lauren. When you go to bed the baby gets all hyper Future Lauren. You think that's bad? When I go to sleep my kid wakes up crying every night Lauren. Just tell Bobby to take care of it Bobby. Hey !

    Libby FoxLibby FoxDag sedan
  • Who else was like (._.) When you found out she was pregnant ⠀ ∩ \\ / ) ⊂\_/ ̄ ̄ ̄ / \_/ ° ͜ʖ ° ( ) /⌒\ / ___/⌒\⊃ ( / \\ U

    Aesthetic Black_ RoseAesthetic Black_ Rose2 dagar sedan

    SaLtAy the exotic butterSaLtAy the exotic butter2 dagar sedan

    Kristy KozaneckiKristy Kozanecki2 dagar sedan
  • My 21 year old cousin thinks babies grow in the stomach... I'm smarter than him and I just turned 13

    CatBerryCatBerry2 dagar sedan
  • **turns on baby shark** Why is this popular? Babys/child’s:cus we like it! Welp now Ik this!

    Blue wolf AnimateBlue wolf Animate2 dagar sedan
  • I mean this is wrong it look's like a pillow! and why does the baby have teeth?!

    Damien FerrandDamien Ferrand2 dagar sedan
  • Omg i can not belive that she is pregnite

    Matt and Erica SwinkMatt and Erica Swink2 dagar sedan
  • Is Lauren really preagnet can someone tell me

    Leda maralushajLeda maralushaj2 dagar sedan
  • Eww they eat wreid food

    Faz SinghatehFaz Singhateh2 dagar sedan
  • JENNA ARE YOU OK?!?!?!?!

    EllieEllie2 dagar sedan
  • Lauren: drinks somethingo(╥﹏╥)o Lauren,s Baby,s:IM DROWNING MAMMA HELP MEE ಥ_ಥ

    Zuleika OrtizZuleika Ortiz2 dagar sedan

    Anna CorbettAnna Corbett2 dagar sedan
  • People like ketchup with pizza. like my cosine

    How To Anime StyleHow To Anime Style2 dagar sedan
  • Here’s some fuzzy rain for you

    Sailor MewSailor Mew2 dagar sedan
  • Not me being happy u respect gender identitys

    Gacha GamerXLGacha GamerXL2 dagar sedan
  • Glad means twins

    Mark BingleyMark Bingley2 dagar sedan
    • Gold

      Mark BingleyMark Bingley2 dagar sedan
  • I have watched Troon troom before

    Mark BingleyMark Bingley2 dagar sedan
  • My mom is pregnant too

    Over the RainbowOver the Rainbow2 dagar sedan
  • OMG sooooooooo CRINGY

    PinkberryPinkberry2 dagar sedan
  • Who puts ketchup in pizza 🍕 Me ✋

    Rama GhassanRama Ghassan2 dagar sedan
  • I read something that says the reason why the baby wakes up when u try to sleep Pretty much u walking is like rocking the baby and it puts the baby to sleep But when u stop rocking the baby it wakes up Dunno if this is true but ya i saw it somewhere and thought it was interesting

    CatLover AnimatesCatLover Animates2 dagar sedan
  • I put ketchup on pizza... what's wrong with that? 🤔

    TheMine GirlTheMine Girl2 dagar sedan
  • I'm not trying to be rude or anything but non-binary is normally represented in pride flags as the colors yellow/gold which grey represents asexuality.

    Gabriel Bondy BGabriel Bondy B2 dagar sedan
  • Troom troom literly are just being watched for just ._.

    •Original_Furry Samyoung••Original_Furry Samyoung•2 dagar sedan
  • I mean...being no-binary

    Flamgo FanFlamgo Fan2 dagar sedan
  • When your baby comes can you make videos with her?

    Audrina RuelasAudrina Ruelas2 dagar sedan
    • I mean, the newborn will be like *all* newborns, so until she gets features where you can pick her out from other kids, yeah

      Crystal_GamesCrystal_Games2 dagar sedan
    • she said she would wait until the kid's old enough to decide instead of exploiting them without their permission

      Crystal_GamesCrystal_Games2 dagar sedan
  • Is Lauren pregnant??? I didn’t knowwww

    Lillie AinsworthLillie Ainsworth2 dagar sedan
  • *Jenna’s... let’s just say... not okay.*

    ginger sginger s2 dagar sedan
  • Just be careful about troomtroom (And other such) channels. There Content-Mills that will.. spread these stupid misinformations and downright bull. There just soulless companies.. Like you can see here.

    Zaihao LightsbaneZaihao Lightsbane3 dagar sedan
  • *Me now rewatching all of the pregnancy videos after getting the news today that I am indeed pregnant*

    Caitlyn WongCaitlyn Wong3 dagar sedan
  • 3:36 is my fav part just the "yep!" And Laurens reaction are just *chef kiss*

    Evelyn GilliamEvelyn Gilliam3 dagar sedan
  • So how many more months Lauren?

    Mizlee reeMizlee ree3 dagar sedan
  • I almost ate my tablet looking at this vid lol btw big fan of z side 😉😉😉

    Jeremy GilmoreJeremy Gilmore3 dagar sedan
  • Me when a popular youtuber mentions LGBTQIA+ in a video: *🏳️‍🌈I SMELL GAE🏳️‍🌈*

    {RainbØwDxino}{RainbØwDxino}3 dagar sedan
  • *hi Lol...* Read more

    {RainbØwDxino}{RainbØwDxino}3 dagar sedan
  • ........8:08........My name is Bella............ TwT

    Aiko-Chan!Aiko-Chan!3 dagar sedan
  • Wait your pregnant?

    crystel ace boroncrystel ace boron3 dagar sedan
  • She had to whoo hoo to get pregnant

    libia ortizlibia ortiz3 dagar sedan
  • Lauren: talks to baby Me: ah, so my mom isnt the only one. Edit: this is a joke, i’m not sure if she did that

    ee3 dagar sedan
  • I like this vid so much congrats on the baby Lauren

    Starlight EvergreenStarlight Evergreen3 dagar sedan
  • Hi Lauren you are the best

    Stephanie AStephanie A3 dagar sedan
  • that was cookie and water that the put in their

    Alessa PurvisAlessa Purvis3 dagar sedan
  • oh by the way hope the pregnancy's going well and tell the baby kitten_ofthefirstsea said hi

    Laila HowellLaila Howell3 dagar sedan
  • Lauren you laugh at the same time as me lol 😂🤣😆😂🤣

    Ema bouckleyEma bouckley3 dagar sedan
  • I dont know how she can eat pizza with ketchup 🤮🤮🤮🤮🤮🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢😷😷😷😷😷

    daniela sosadaniela sosa3 dagar sedan
  • Her baby in the future:mom whyy Lauren:yes

    brandon batterbrandon batter3 dagar sedan