I Tried App Games That Simulate Gross Life Situations ...but NONE of Them Should Exist

7 feb 2021
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A portion of this video Sponsored by Dragon Raja. Download it here: bitly.ws/bA2F
These app games that simulate real life were on my top free app game chart but all of them are gross, terrible & shouldn't exist! I played "Perfect Wax 3D" "Nail Salon 3D" & "‎Weird Haircut".
I Tried App Games That Simulate Life ...but NONE of Them Should Exist: seworld.info/will/Z4GWu7CRf5-mtZ8/video
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  • A portion of this video was Sponsored by Dragon Raja. Download it here for free: bitly.ws/bA2F It honestly is such a cool mobile game that I really do play myself, definitely recommend trying it!

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  • Lauren I love you so much I’m actually the girls daughter and I watch your videos and I am in love with purple thanks to you and also I kind of like the game but I kind of don’t but I just want to let you know I love you Lauren

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  • Lauren try this app called "Toonme cartoon yourself photo editor" I tried it and I'm crying laughing!!! It's so disgusting 🤢😂😂😂🤣🤣

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  • Fun Fact: You Watched this After the Games 1 year Anniversary

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  • Because what I have a game and my mom's phone and I'm watching you in my tablet and I love that game and the girl with the swords she's my character and I'm in level 45 and I also I love your videos please no more everyday you always make me laugh and be safe and I and I wish that you could be my friend can you please be my friend that's very hard for me because my parents they always like to fight a lot

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