Pregnant Woman Tries WEIRD Pregnancy Cravings

20 dec 2020
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Today I'm Trying the WEIRDEST Pregnancy Cravings I could find on the Internet. But because I'm pregnant myself, I thought I'd make my husband try them with me for an honest opinion if they're good or gross! There were LOTS of pickle food combinations...
I'm Pregnant!!
Pregnant Woman Plays Pregnancy GIRLS GAMES That Scare Her
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  • Plot twist, the only reason that Bobby liked this was because he was also pregnant

    NoodlecharmNoodlecharmTimme sedan
  • You learn something new with Lauren everyday🌠

    Jose MarteJose MarteTimme sedan
  • Lauren:flamin hot cheetos Me:that's not weird I have that for a school snack

    Aimee GoodingAimee Gooding5 timmar sedan
  • I have not been pregnant, but you should try pretzels and cream cheese (original first then try different flavors of Cream Cheese)

    Antonia HansenAntonia Hansen8 timmar sedan
  • Hi I just wanted to say I loooveee your vids sooo much and I have a really good food combo Rose lemonade Revels Toffee popcorn

    Pluto Is de bestPluto Is de best11 timmar sedan
  • I personally rlly like ketchup flavoured chips with chocolate, pizza with cornflakes and ice cream with chips * chef's kiss* I'm not sayng you should try them, they were good but they also probably gave me brain damage 😂😅

    Yuki DaWolfYuki DaWolf14 timmar sedan
  • I eat peanut butter and pickles and potato chips sandwich on a daily bases and I am no were near pregnant.

    Kalah PiattKalah Piatt23 timmar sedan
  • Bobby: HOT CHITTOESS Lauren: Dies inside Dexter: you got cheese? I wants cheese! GIMME CHEESE!! I SMELL CHEESE!!!

    Monkey ZMonkey Z23 timmar sedan
  • *now bobby can’t leave her*

    「 AᴅᴅɪᴄT 」「 AᴅᴅɪᴄT 」Dag sedan
  • E

    Sdr2 CoreSdr2 CoreDag sedan
  • bobby: has a seizure lauren: i love ittttttttt

    Brooklyn NewbyBrooklyn NewbyDag sedan
  • I found a bread book and thought of lauren

    Chelsea LodiniChelsea LodiniDag sedan
  • Title of this video: Pregnant Woman Tries WEIRD Pregnancy Cravings What the Title should be: Pregnant Woman And Husband Eating Pickles With Diffrent Foods For 16 Minutes

    Agata DAgata DDag sedan
  • doreto and pizza

    Tricia SmithTricia SmithDag sedan
  • The smores one looked great omg

    chanhwiichanhwiiDag sedan
  • alternative title: bobby being disgusted and traumatized by pickles and pregnancy cravings for 16 minutes straight

    Freya RoseFreya RoseDag sedan
  • I mean, Bobby's pregnant so that could explain things.

    Jamil RodriguezJamil RodriguezDag sedan
  • I think the reason you have no cravings is because you are eating all the nutritional things the baby needs

    techie simmertechie simmerDag sedan
  • Try spicy pepperoni meat stick, with cheddar cheese dipped in peanut butter 😁 yumm

    Heidi SandersHeidi SandersDag sedan
  • Lauren: I've never had hot cheetos before- Meh: uHm- "pReGnAnT wOmAn" u hAvE hAd thOsE thInGs iN tHe sImS 4 wItH tHe fLaMiNg hAwT sPaGeTtI aNd bObBy EvEn lIkED iT- wTf aRe u TalKiNg AboUt

  • hey its fine to eat

    talkingwithhaylietalkingwithhaylie2 dagar sedan
  • I don't think bobby likes it much because the cream cheese and pickles for from a polish rose (a Poland/polish recipe) and he may not have polish in his dna

    KaenKaen2 dagar sedan

    KaenKaen2 dagar sedan
  • The thing she messed up on was not roasting the bread

    PhantomHermitPhantomHermit2 dagar sedan
  • Is it just me or is Bobby more chaotic in this video. 😂

    Just-a-Harmless -PotatoJust-a-Harmless -Potato2 dagar sedan
  • 2:59 bobbys smile😂😂😂😂

    anime girlanime girl2 dagar sedan
  • when my mom was prego with me she loved the smell of gas now i love it haha

    nova bearnova bear2 dagar sedan
  • Lol cheese and pickle, usually with butter but sometimes with mayo, is a popular choice for a sandwich/wrap where I'm from in the UK - better with grated cheese and gherkin pickles 🙂

    Kayleigh HowellKayleigh Howell2 dagar sedan
  • PLEASE do Doritos and cheddar cheese

    Tommy McdTommy Mcd2 dagar sedan
  • Can we appreciate how much the emoji Woman from the thumbnail looks just like Lauren

    Wanda MaximoffWanda Maximoff3 dagar sedan
  • Have the same blue yeti OMG

    Jessica ConnellyJessica Connelly3 dagar sedan
  • Are you actually pregnant?

    Jessica ConnellyJessica Connelly3 dagar sedan
  • What’s ritz because they look like jatz

    Fun SistersFun Sisters3 dagar sedan
  • The craving for cigarette butts and chalk is called Pica, it is a symptom in pregnancy of anemia and should be taken seriously.

    Samantha GoodmanSamantha Goodman3 dagar sedan
  • bobby has a seizure every time he eats bad food, thats going to be my excuse when i eat bad food

    Valentina GumucioValentina Gumucio3 dagar sedan
  • ive never had smores in my life~

    XxgalaxyferretXx_YTXxgalaxyferretXx_YT3 dagar sedan
  • I love his shirt, lol, I am whereing that same shirt and matching mask!!

    Bella BowenBella Bowen3 dagar sedan
  • You should make a video of getting baby stuff

    Mary BrissetteMary Brissette3 dagar sedan
  • when i was really little i loved ice cream with tortilla chips.

    Chloe and Lily HooverChloe and Lily Hoover3 dagar sedan
  • I remember when my mom was pregnant with my brother she had ice creams and pickles lol

    I love bunniesI love bunnies3 dagar sedan
  • i have got that dunder mifflin shirt that bobbys wearing

    Matthew CoyleMatthew Coyle3 dagar sedan
  • Omg poor Bobby!!! 😂😂 I'm dying

    Diamond ReignsDiamond Reigns3 dagar sedan
  • Not me willing to try all of these besides the ice cream and pickles 😂😂 They'd say something and in my mind I was like "mm, that might be good". I'm not even pregnant lol.

    Hais CrozierHais Crozier3 dagar sedan
  • Ha Ha Ha

    Eileen WangEileen Wang3 dagar sedan
  • I HATE pickles too bobby

    Carlee ChenCarlee Chen3 dagar sedan
  • ?

    Eileen WangEileen Wang3 dagar sedan
  • I suggest trying a sandwich with pickles, mayo and chips on it. According to my pregnant mother it good.

    Sakura’s ForeheadSakura’s Forehead3 dagar sedan
  • I feel like pregnant people's taste buds just die when they get pregnant ;w;

    WhiskerKat YTWhiskerKat YT4 dagar sedan
  • Non of these are weird yet?? I’m up to the mash potatoes

    Gray2ce hanadulsetGray2ce hanadulset4 dagar sedan
  • You should try hot chocolate with a spoon of nutella in it.

    hywaiixhywaiix4 dagar sedan
  • The cheetos with pickles I eat that about twice a month or so! :l

    Frog_Frog_4 dagar sedan
  • Bobby:do I have anything on my mouth? Lauren:hargdjnekbs Bobby:👁👄👁

    Bumble beeBumble bee4 dagar sedan
  • Mayo cheese and pickles are like normal toppings on a sandwich though!!!!

    Anna LynnAnna Lynn4 dagar sedan
  • “I feel ridiculously good eating this” -Laurenzside, 2020

    Diamond SkyDiamond Sky4 dagar sedan
  • Ahem ahem they liked allll the foods that mean they are pregiant

    Angle PandaAngle Panda4 dagar sedan
  • A lot of them sound delicious especially the stuff with pickles except the ice cream and pickles

    Dahane CoupyDahane Coupy4 dagar sedan
  • POV your Lauren’s baby watching this video

    Dragon KnowledgeDragon Knowledge4 dagar sedan
  • Hi open your my faucet you to uber

    tt Higginstt Higgins4 dagar sedan
  • YOUR NOT JUST SOME PREGNANT LADY TO ME!? Your a funny pregnant lady ☺️

    Random WeirdoRandom Weirdo4 dagar sedan
  • The second one sound so good I love all three of those things oml yes

    izzy wizzyizzy wizzy5 dagar sedan
  • Bobby 2020: I’m important 😃👍

    Help_me_im_b_o_r_e_d UwUHelp_me_im_b_o_r_e_d UwU5 dagar sedan
  • I am 9 so yes I am not pregnant but I am still watch laurenzside I love her video💜 so much she is funny, nice, weird and all away happy all the time like me but sometimes I am bad but all away happy😀 all away happy and make weird Sims and do weird, funny video 😃

    Jahzara ReyesJahzara Reyes5 dagar sedan
    • Thank you thank you everyone

      Jahzara ReyesJahzara Reyes5 dagar sedan
  • I think the chips are pregnant

    Danielle DollDanielle Doll5 dagar sedan
  • Lauren, I don’t believe this is a pregnancy craving but this is something I have been eating for YEARS. And I feel like it is kinda weird. You HAVE to try ritz crackers, mustard, and bread and butter pickles. PLEASE TRY!! 🤤

    Adilyn HowardAdilyn Howard5 dagar sedan
  • Me: Not pregnant Also me: Goes and tries the pickle and PB combination Not that bad actually

    Rosie PinkRosie Pink5 dagar sedan
  • My moms craving was : pickle ice and mayo

    E R I S T A LE R I S T A L5 dagar sedan
  • Try peanut butter ontop a pickle with a pretzel as bottom. Its really good and I'm not even pregnant. Lol

    Lilly JeffriesLilly Jeffries5 dagar sedan
  • me and Lauren kind of the same with the hot Cheetos I don’t like hot cheetos either

    āūdrēyß ånimėāūdrēyß ånimė5 dagar sedan
  • I vote lauren.

    Hannah Beth CryoskieHannah Beth Cryoskie5 dagar sedan
  • My mom ate chalk when she was pregnant with my brother

    *Pokey and peanut**Pokey and peanut*5 dagar sedan
  • A friend and I tried peanut butter and pickles. It was very odd. It was just like chaotic neutral. Both the pickles and the peanut butter were trying to be the dominant flavor. It was just odd.

    JoAnna CowgillJoAnna Cowgill6 dagar sedan
  • My mom craved caned vegetables with me I was evil

    commet _0209commet _02096 dagar sedan
  • Can you do another weird cravings video you can do Frenchfries with chocolate syrup

    Sam CatSam Cat6 dagar sedan
  • sounds like Bobby's in a bit of a pickle.

    ϟ Chaotic Composure ϟϟ Chaotic Composure ϟ6 dagar sedan
  • Everything on the cover of the video is food I love and I’m not even 1% close to being pregnant Edit: okay not dipping pickles into whatever tahtvis Another edit: HOW DARE SHE SAY HOT CHEETOES BAD those some my fav chips oof

    Øriginål Weirdø LøłØriginål Weirdø Løł6 dagar sedan
  • Wait people did just eat the mayo and cheese sandwich I thought it was just me

    Liz LuLiz Lu6 dagar sedan
  • Bobby will have pickle nightmares now

    Blue AuraBlue Aura6 dagar sedan
  • Lauren when she saw the mash : 👁👄👁 oh that’s doesn’t look good Lauren when tasting the mash : Actually...that’s not bad! Me irl trying it : she’s not wrong

    Milly COZENSMilly COZENS6 dagar sedan
  • hot cheetos are not spicy. they are amzing.

    iiiAmxyaiiiAmxya6 dagar sedan
  • I hate peanut butter with a passion, but I am in LOVE with pickles and peanut butter sandwiches! P.s. I'm not pregnant. Lol

    BunnieBunnie6 dagar sedan
  • When my mom was pregnant with me she always had fish but she was really sick with me constantly sick

    Tayva BellaTayva Bella6 dagar sedan
  • Cheese and Mayo sandwich’s are so normal

    Adrian BaletaAdrian Baleta7 dagar sedan
  • i don't think that bobby is ok

    pankakorlol xdpankakorlol xd7 dagar sedan
  • Me: Bobby hot cheetos with pickles is THE BEST. Lauren: WHY IS IT SO SPICYYYYY. bobby: I hate this T-T

    Jayla BrownJayla Brown7 dagar sedan
  • Me. Cant handle the heat Lauren. yes I can wait no I can't

    LayLowLeahLayLowLeah7 dagar sedan
  • crazy pregnant woman tortures herself and her husband for 16 and a half minutes straight

    Irma VelisIrma Velis7 dagar sedan
  • Lauren, you and Bobby will be great parents. Also you guys should make more videos on that bigfoot game you guys played a long time ago.

    NatNat 09NatNat 097 dagar sedan
  • This was uploaded on my sisters birthday

    Benjiman NBenjiman N7 dagar sedan
  • Yassss Queen I have a feeling this is going to make me laugh you always make me laugh

    Britinie ProsserBritinie Prosser7 dagar sedan
  • *Me while watching this :* *Bobby are you sure ur not the pregnant one* 👀

    Vintage_ RosesVintage_ Roses7 dagar sedan
  • Bruh am not even near age of 16 and i like pickles n chocolate

    DizzyyIzzyDizzyyIzzy7 dagar sedan
  • Bobby : "Your probably not gonna like these" Lauren : "I know im not" (Hot cheetos clip)

    Izabela ZuazoIzabela Zuazo7 dagar sedan
  • Plot twist Bobby is the one thats pregame

    hey its me 1234hey its me 12347 dagar sedan
  • you may think bobby is the one pregnant

    Montoria PowellMontoria Powell7 dagar sedan
  • Also how's your pregnancy doing?

    Google AccountsGoogle Accounts7 dagar sedan
  • Hi do you know the baby's gender yet?

    Google AccountsGoogle Accounts7 dagar sedan
  • Cravings when your pregnant is your body telling you what you need. And your also just trying to find a food that won’t make you throw up. Most pregnancy cravings are pretty normal.

    Weeb_no.1Weeb_no.17 dagar sedan
  • Me craving nothing: "welp, time to eat the ice..."

    Theory animalTheory animal7 dagar sedan
  • Bobby: We should just call this the pickle video. All your favorite foods... with pickles! Me: I hate pickles.

    Bea TVBea TV8 dagar sedan
  • Heres a tip on the marshmallow thing you can also cook them in the oven and its super good!!! And also can we get more sims videos pleaseeeeeeeeee!!!!!

    KateOMGKateOMG8 dagar sedan