Baby Gender Reveal + Testing Old Wives Tales Gender Predictions

26 dec 2020
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Today we're going to be testing out 13 Old Wives Tales that claim to predict a baby's biological gender THEN we will finally be announcing our baby's biological gender after keeping it a secret for over a month! Boy or Girl? Guess in the comments before you get to the end of the video & see if you were right!
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  • I thought boy

    SirSeahorseSirSeahorse58 sekunder sedan
  • Lauren: If something happens we can sue! I say this to everything lol

    •RySpy’s Kitchen ••RySpy’s Kitchen •Timme sedan
  • I thought it was a girl because I am

    FrancescaFrancescaTimme sedan
  • Girl, u look 21 not 31

    Rainbow GirlRainbow Girl2 timmar sedan
  • hey u should name it aphrodite

    Juanita ClarkJuanita Clark2 timmar sedan
  • I WAS RIGHT IT WAS A GIRL *demon noises*

    That fem lesbianThat fem lesbian4 timmar sedan
  • I wanted it to be a boy 😭😭😭

    To̸xic BerryTo̸xic Berry4 timmar sedan
  • You’re going to be such a great mom I hope for the best for you and your baby and your husband and I can’t wait to see your baby girl love your vids bye

  • Yasssss Issa girllll

    Choco bun bunChoco bun bun6 timmar sedan

    Choco bun bunChoco bun bun6 timmar sedan

    Choco bun bunChoco bun bun6 timmar sedan
  • Also on the clumsy thing she set her toaster on fire

    LunaKibble 7521LunaKibble 75218 timmar sedan
  • The Chinese thing is wrong my sis was born two years before my bro sooooo

    LunaKibble 7521LunaKibble 75218 timmar sedan
  • Congratulations guys! I knew it would be that gender!(trying not to ruin it for other people😂)

    Eve Grey {Gacha L&C}Eve Grey {Gacha L&C}11 timmar sedan

    Jaya SiasJaya Sias11 timmar sedan
  • My mom thought I was a boy but I'm a girl and thought my brother was a girl😂😂😂

    NyiaaNyiaa11 timmar sedan
  • I think you should name her Bella because in Latin and Italian it means Beautiful! And it would be easier for her to spell her name! Bella isn’t really popular either! BellaZside... Hm! 😍😗🙃😛☺️ I love you Lauren! You are the best!

    Baddie GachaBaddie Gacha11 timmar sedan
  • 13 is an evil number, I was born on the 13th.

    ErikaVollmerYTErikaVollmerYT13 timmar sedan
  • I- wow. That ache thing is sooo gross.

    Megan KochMegan Koch13 timmar sedan
  • I guessed girl!!!

    AriWasFoundAriWasFound14 timmar sedan
  • NAME UR BABY CARONA no lena is cute but I'm sure you have a cute name for her

    Dana HallDana Hall14 timmar sedan
  • The baby: hmmm now I want to be a boy -Changes genders-

    Dana HallDana Hall14 timmar sedan
  • I think that her name should be Clara or Hannah

    Holly ActonHolly Acton15 timmar sedan
  • I wanted it to be a boy but it guess that was gonna be a girl

    Averi GreenAveri Green16 timmar sedan
  • YES

    Shady FarhatShady Farhat17 timmar sedan

    Shady FarhatShady Farhat17 timmar sedan
  • Its a girl YAYYY

    Thomas Van waverenThomas Van waveren17 timmar sedan
  • I’m watching this late but I watched her bump update first, her bump was wider over pointy so I thought it was a girl

    Elizabeth KatusichElizabeth Katusich20 timmar sedan
  • I can see that line

    Red Angel 5Red Angel 521 timme sedan
  • Why did I think it was twins?

    Anime Cat U w UAnime Cat U w U21 timme sedan
  • I think it is a boy

    Izuku MidoriyaIzuku MidoriyaDag sedan
  • The fact she said "biological gender, not gender identity" made me so happy

    Grace Jeanne MaguireGrace Jeanne MaguireDag sedan
  • name it emma

    Danella LevyDanella LevyDag sedan
  • can we just take a moment to realize how lucky that kid will be

    Danella LevyDanella LevyDag sedan
  • I do not have that line cus I am 7 years old

    Sadie GSadie GDag sedan
  • I think its a boy before it’s seeing the gender

    Potato Playz rblxPotato Playz rblxDag sedan
    • It isnt ;-;

      Potato Playz rblxPotato Playz rblxDag sedan
  • The people I follow have all had girls

    Isabel MunozIsabel MunozDag sedan
  • When he just says it's a boy and she says a girl lol

    April LoughreyApril LoughreyDag sedan
  • Count on me, I know it’s a boy TRUST ME Here before gender reveal.

    vogue.angelsvogue.angelsDag sedan
  • Agood name is cristol

    Jamie RodriguezJamie RodriguezDag sedan
  • U should name her Penelope

    I like pickles Deal with itI like pickles Deal with itDag sedan
  • 0:23 now thats the real stuff that makes me happy people not referring to a babies gender identity

    Just Me ContentJust Me ContentDag sedan

    Tiny TuberTiny TuberDag sedan
  • The words at the bottom at the start made me feel so happy

    Buz ZieBuz ZieDag sedan

    Bailey MyhreBailey MyhreDag sedan
  • i was suppose to be a boy. my name should have been Majka. when my mom went into labor. i was a girl. so when i was a baby i only had cars, blue stuff, trucks, boy signs, boy room. great. just great.

    Emma WagnerEmma WagnerDag sedan
  • name ideas: marnie. Kristy. Jane. Keliy. Vera Lisa. Summer. Gabby. Gabriel. Lauren junior. Amelia. Janely. silvia. Savella. Heily. Hayden. Alexandra. Laurie.Laura. Megan. i hope these fit! hope she turns out to be a gamer. what if she had purple hair. yeah no.

    Emma WagnerEmma WagnerDag sedan
  • 2:05 he just wants it to be a boy😂

    Lejla KahrimanovicLejla KahrimanovicDag sedan
  • It would be hilarious if she named her daughter Ariana after her daughter in tomedotchi life

    simply ixxiesimply ixxieDag sedan
  • Yay I’m so happy for you

    clai2120 clai2120clai2120 clai2120Dag sedan
  • 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

    Im a NoobIm a NoobDag sedan
  • My mom told me that her skin started to break out when she got pregnant with me-im a girl

    badjenna 0badjenna 0Dag sedan
  • I wonder what there gonna name Him💙/Her💜

    []S̸e̶ክ•የልi̸[][]S̸e̶ክ•የልi̸[]Dag sedan
  • lauren: YOU HAVE ONE TOO Me and my sister: feels to see if its there immediatly

    Pure ASMRPure ASMRDag sedan
  • i thought it was a boy LOL

    Aurxra *Aurxra *Dag sedan
  • Two people in my family are having a boy so I really needed this win

    Aubrie MillerAubrie Miller2 dagar sedan
  • A mini Lauren!!!♥️♥️♥️♥️

    Lucidy Nightmare_DreamsLucidy Nightmare_Dreams2 dagar sedan
  • Aley

    Darcy BeauchampDarcy Beauchamp2 dagar sedan
  • i guessed wrongly

    alphabet soupalphabet soup2 dagar sedan
  • can yall name the baby Dililagh, Heather, Rose and Melone (: also congrats!!!

    Alisha AdamsAlisha Adams2 dagar sedan
  • Could you imagine if she named her Ariana after her tamagotchi life series

    KZ J4X0NKZ J4X0N2 dagar sedan
  • I really thought it was a boy

    Natalie RoseNatalie Rose2 dagar sedan
  • You should name it Madaleine 😁

    Madaleine CookMadaleine Cook2 dagar sedan
  • Ok

    Anime cuteAnime cute2 dagar sedan
  • me before i wach this its a girl 100%

    Katelynn PullenKatelynn Pullen2 dagar sedan
  • Can I have a shout out ur my fav youtuber ever

    Jerry SherwoodJerry Sherwood2 dagar sedan
  • How far are you?

    Jerry SherwoodJerry Sherwood2 dagar sedan
  • Yay ◉‿◉

    LaylaLayla2 dagar sedan
  • Omggg!!!! Congratulations!!!😝😝😝🌺💗💗💗💗💗💗💗

    Fat rat LolFat rat Lol2 dagar sedan
  • Lauren:We have a big announcement we done ring test and......we’re having a DEMON!! Child:watches this back* so that explains it

    Sailor MewSailor Mew2 dagar sedan
  • Bravo 4 using biological before gender! 👌

    Cinamoon ToostCinamoon Toost2 dagar sedan

    Cinamoon ToostCinamoon Toost2 dagar sedan
  • ++++××××÷÷÷

    Artsy CraftsArtsy Crafts2 dagar sedan
  • I was thinking of names when I have a baby and I thought a cute name would be Tanya or Riley :)

    Cloudy_ SunnyCloudy_ Sunny2 dagar sedan
  • Hi Laurenzside

    sparkles devsparkles dev2 dagar sedan
  • Nice video

    Little Zarlsøn_1896 TwoLittle Zarlsøn_1896 Two2 dagar sedan
  • Girl

    charity fairfaxcharity fairfax2 dagar sedan
  • 0:26 im glad they put that text at the bottom.

    *Classic_Aliens**Classic_Aliens*2 dagar sedan
  • I will support you along the way!

  • I thought it was a boy but it's not! I was sure!

  • Here a tip:The less you get stressed the beautiful the baby will look and your going to a path to have precious baby

    Akyahs funAkyahs fun2 dagar sedan
  • Why are there so many dislikes 😑

    Alex JanesAlex Janes2 dagar sedan
  • lily laurenzside lily lily

    benedict gabrielbenedict gabriel2 dagar sedan
  • Sign here if you are here before she’s gave birth- (Currently February 24th, 2021 for me)

    Juliette RiverJuliette River2 dagar sedan
    • Hoi

      Sofia CabanzoSofia CabanzoDag sedan
  • I’m so happy for you

    becky rodriguezbecky rodriguez2 dagar sedan
  • It would be cool to nam wit madi:]

    Flamgo FanFlamgo Fan2 dagar sedan
  • boy

    Christa MartinChrista Martin2 dagar sedan
  • Bobby: Whereing all blue You:whering all BLACK

    Flamgo FanFlamgo Fan2 dagar sedan
  • The cravings one is wrong for me. My mom lived on mexican food and root beer when she was pregnant with me.

    Everything 2021Everything 20212 dagar sedan
  • It had pink like dot thing on the bottom

    Kimberly CarrierKimberly Carrier3 dagar sedan
  • I think it’s a girl because I remember in my medical class baby girls has a faster heart beat

    Nuna The TunaNuna The Tuna3 dagar sedan

    Maddie EstevezMaddie Estevez3 dagar sedan
  • The sickness one dose not work my mom threw up EVERYDAY! but had a boy...

    Maddie EstevezMaddie Estevez3 dagar sedan
  • Team girl= like Team boy= comment Me: team girl 💖🧸

    Aryana RoseAryana Rose3 dagar sedan
  • Omg yes I knew it!!!!

    Skyler GSkyler G3 dagar sedan
  • 😭😎🎉 what's your favorite color lorin

    Vicky WitherspoonVicky Witherspoon3 dagar sedan
  • Congratulations

    Christina McclenaghanChristina Mcclenaghan3 dagar sedan
  • ITS A GIRL!!

    Meghan O'ConnorMeghan O'Connor3 dagar sedan
  • I have a line on me OnO

    Hard ChongHard Chong3 dagar sedan
  • :0

    Hard ChongHard Chong3 dagar sedan