Reacting to Sad Girl Gamer Struggles ft SSSniperWolf

13 feb 2021
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Dhar Mann & Sssniperwolf collabed on these inspirational videos to spread awareness of sad girl gamer struggles like being forced to play with barbies or kids being mean at school...
Mom Forces Girl To Play With Barbies:
Gamer Treated Mean At School:
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  • Lauren do you know something.SSsniper wolf is a REAL youtuber

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  • I'm not being mean but I hate snipperwolf she's just anoying

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  • Sniper wolf: what’s wrong? Lauren: parents hate me!!!!😫

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  • "It hits me right in the struggles" -Laurenzside 2021

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  • I like playing super Mario

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  • Me

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  • I’m a fan of you Lauren and sniper wolf when I saw sniper wolf I was freaking out in my bed but I don’t know if that’s actually the real of her so I stopped freaking out because it could it be the real of her it could just be a fake one could just be a photo shop:( :>

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  • Hello i really love this channel

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  • I like how she reacted to ssniperwolf

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  • Loved being the actor in this video and working with DharMann. True fact... video games are for everyone. Another Great message 😍 thanks for reacting. Love your channel too 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼

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  • aslo i was a kid i only likes plushes ^.w_^~

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  • Video games aren't for girls! My parents: Hey Lana want a game? My friends: Yo b*tch are you playing or what? My teacher: Your homework is to play this game then tell me about the graphics and animation in it. (Yes these are true)

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  • Me to my brothers, boyfriend and guy friends: Hey, do you think it’s weird for girls to play video games? Them: No, wtf? You get us rare Pokémon so easily and you’re great at survival games and shooter games. Is there people bullying you? Do we need to get our bats? Why do I always have overprotective friends and family XD

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