Pregnant Woman Reacts to MORE Pregnancy Tik Toks

20 feb 2021
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Today I'm Reacting to MORE of the best Pregnancy Tik Toks I could find on TikTok. I laughed, I got scared, I learned a lot, but most importantly... I could relate being pregnant myself.
Pregnant Woman Reacts to Pregnancy Tik Toks:
Pregnant Woman Tries WEIRD Pregnancy Cravings:
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  • I do never want to get pregnant after this vid. I would just adopt a baby.....

    Cara_MilkCara_Milk18 minuter sedan
  • for mom expectation tictoks i recommend @kallmekris

    Melissa DePueMelissa DePue28 minuter sedan
  • My mom was pregnant and my step dad went out so we had to walk to food 4 less to get Chinese food bc she was craving chinese food

    ugly_ ass_Bitchugly_ ass_Bitch31 minut sedan
  • OMG I never watch u in long time now Ur pregnant

    Grace SmithGrace SmithTimme sedan
  • If I could give you McDonalds I would buy the whole place :3

    Cookie CutieCookie CutieTimme sedan
  • Are you really pregnant?

    Caleb takamiCaleb takamiTimme sedan
  • Kíó

    heather brown-hardyheather brown-hardyTimme sedan
  • im scared of pills and the sponsor looked like pills

    Yobama .Yobama .Timme sedan
  • My music teacher is supposed to have her baby around the same day you do!!!

    M BatioM BatioTimme sedan
  • R.I.P Lauren now and after and we all know why.🙏🙏

    『zaxma』『zaxma』Timme sedan
  • What are you pregnant

    Magpie_9Magpie_9Timme sedan
  • Do have baby stuff now

    Aiyanatext StorysAiyanatext Storys2 timmar sedan
  • Boy or girl

    Stacy AbernathyStacy Abernathy2 timmar sedan
  • My older brother has a husky named Dexter!!! 😂

    Kirsten SpressartKirsten Spressart2 timmar sedan
  • My tokophobia acting up while watching this video😌

    Sadist ImyuSadist Imyu2 timmar sedan
  • When did she become pregnant????

    Aria LaDowAria LaDow2 timmar sedan
  • do those earbud things have royal purple?

    Emily :PEmily :P2 timmar sedan
  • Epis only hurt for a second when they numb you up with a much smaller needle. Then you don't feel anything.

    In AlaskaIn Alaska3 timmar sedan
  • I hope your child is like you Amazing kind and pretty like you!

    Peyton MarshmelloPeyton Marshmello3 timmar sedan
  • Mmmmmmmm CHILDREN

    Spicy ChanSpicy Chan3 timmar sedan
  • I would show my bump so I can actually receive respect cause don’t... I really don’t

    シKaechyeoシKaechyeo3 timmar sedan
  • After watching pregnant tiktoks The Orphanage Never Looked So Beautiful-

    Andrra DushiAndrra Dushi3 timmar sedan
  • I can never be pregnant I HAVE TO SLEEP ON MY BELLY

    To̸xic BerryTo̸xic Berry4 timmar sedan
  • And also make a video when you’re giving birth

    almar pascuaalmar pascua4 timmar sedan
  • Could you show us what’s under your shirt and show us what you have

    almar pascuaalmar pascua4 timmar sedan
  • I was wearing my racon earbuds while watching this

    floofy boifloofy boi4 timmar sedan
  • are you preg

    mirranbellmirranbell4 timmar sedan
  • When my mom was pregnant with me one of her major cravings was cheese

    paul cpaul c4 timmar sedan
  • when I'm pregnant I'm telling my friends by doing the same thing as those friends did by taking tests and switching them up. and with my parents ask them to write something down for me then hide all the pens and when they ask for one I'll give them the test.

    ZoeInnitZoeInnit4 timmar sedan
  • Laren: "I haven't had McDonald's in half a year" Me: "I haven't had McDonald's in two years"

    HollowHereticHollowHeretic4 timmar sedan
  • I cant believe soon we'll have a baby Lauren

    Schleich Horse Lover 100Schleich Horse Lover 1004 timmar sedan
  • Lauren: "the time when lord feels super pregnant" Me: who's the father....

    Charli_ ÙwÚCharli_ ÙwÚ5 timmar sedan
  • Hope you take a break once the baby's born you deserve it

    Jack HelmsJack Helms5 timmar sedan
  • Bump-date?

    Lauren PretzelLauren Pretzel5 timmar sedan
  • I can't wait to see what the baby look like

    Miakoda AndersonMiakoda Anderson5 timmar sedan
  • The nurse didnt turn on the machine for the epidural when my mom gave birth so she was in a lot of pain toward the end of my birth

    AlyssaAlyssa5 timmar sedan
  • Hey, sorry for my rant comment but, I hate gender reveals, the thing. Around the and how blue is for a boy as pink is for a girl. I don't mind the actual reveal type thing, cause I get it people are excited for their babies. But I hate the stereotype of pink for girls and blue for boys. Why do girls have to like pink and princesses and s*** like that and then boys can like blue and dinosaurs. It's SO shallow. I don't see why girls can't have a nice colour that isn't pink and so f****** stereotypically

    ThethreestrangecatsThethreestrangecats5 timmar sedan
  • 1:30 also Daniel thrasher

    Mayelly ColoradoMayelly Colorado5 timmar sedan
  • If u don't do a video whit the baby I'm dead🤣

    Emily tess gormanEmily tess gorman5 timmar sedan
  • Imagine being her child

    oscar cutieoscar cutie5 timmar sedan
  • When she pulled out the blue raycons I thought: HEY THOSE ARE MINE XD

    Kaitlyn GrayKaitlyn Gray5 timmar sedan
  • Do you know the name

    Christine MooreChristine Moore5 timmar sedan
  • I like headphones not earbuds

    Hashmeet KaurHashmeet Kaur6 timmar sedan
  • Lauren: 👀 Pregnant Lauren: 👀 SuPeR prEgNanT bY laUrEn: ✨👌✨

    Skittle ScatterSkittle Scatter6 timmar sedan
  • Her: **Is pregnant** Me: **Afraid that this channel is gonna turn into a channel like fgteev and sis vs bro**

    Grace UwUzGrace UwUz6 timmar sedan
    • War flashbacks intensifies

      Kitty40tatoon drawsKitty40tatoon draws4 timmar sedan
  • i am SUCH a big fan shoutout please

    Autumn SchuylerAutumn Schuyler6 timmar sedan
  • haha the first one!!!! yours lauren

    Autumn SchuylerAutumn Schuyler6 timmar sedan
  • Why are you wearing headphones instead of raycons

    Narwhal PartyNarwhal Party6 timmar sedan
  • To visit my mom and tell her that WE were pregnant Me:. ♪×♪

    Gacha twins Kira and MiraGacha twins Kira and Mira6 timmar sedan

    Loghan PLoghan P7 timmar sedan
  • Ur gonna be a great mom when ur child is born😊

    soapy_limessoapy_limes7 timmar sedan
  • Also um is your baby a boy or a girl

    John StudentJohn Student7 timmar sedan
  • she should call it a bumpdate instead of a bump update

    Hannah ForsythHannah Forsyth7 timmar sedan
  • Me watching this: Lauren: EVERY ONE HAS MCDONALDS BUT ME😢 Me: i had mcdonalds for dinner...

    Putte1973Putte19737 timmar sedan
  • You should Do “Trying pregnancy life hacks” love ur videos :)) 💗

    Toby MowlesToby Mowles7 timmar sedan
  • Imagine you said happy birthday to me😭😭

    Catalina CarranzaCatalina Carranza7 timmar sedan
  • 5:02 in Your back

    Miles PautschMiles Pautsch7 timmar sedan
  • i bet lauren's baby is ganna be a youtuber

    cat avacat ava8 timmar sedan
  • lil z side

    Anna AspinallAnna Aspinall8 timmar sedan
  • Here is a mom tip that u should tell ur kid-Whatever mom says shall be taken as a holy grail and if the kid asks why the should be cancelled (I know this bc I’m a child and that’s how it works in my life)

    Raspberry JellyRaspberry Jelly8 timmar sedan
  • Is she really pregnant

    Evette CorriganEvette Corrigan8 timmar sedan
  • Please do a pregnant morning routine copy and paste this if you think she should do

    Giuliana KittyGiuliana Kitty8 timmar sedan
  • Whats a dilation chart?

    the rat that got yeetedthe rat that got yeeted8 timmar sedan
  • Awww your bump is so cute do you know if they are a girl or boy or are you waiting till birth? You do not have to tell if you are uncomfortable ❤️❤️❤️❤️

    Emma BlakeEmma Blake8 timmar sedan
  • Hi

    the under dogthe under dog8 timmar sedan
  • Lauren went in happy.... Then came out traumatized and starving.... RELATABLE

    Cody GatesCody Gates8 timmar sedan
  • you are not a simple person you are bread queen

    Lacey SprietsmaLacey Sprietsma8 timmar sedan

    Kyxa SKyxa S8 timmar sedan
  • Show is your room for the baby like the crib or something

    R a 1 n b 0 wR a 1 n b 0 w8 timmar sedan
  • hi pregnant woman

    Maria SousaMaria Sousa9 timmar sedan
  • Lauren is a literal queen for still making videos for us

    JellyFish JuneJellyFish June9 timmar sedan
  • This is why I’m adopting.

  • For my my cousin gender reveal had us finding clues we were solving riddles it was fun

    Daysha PollardDaysha Pollard9 timmar sedan
  • No, I'm already addicted to dragon raja. XD

    shadow mullinsshadow mullins9 timmar sedan
  • You havent had Micdonald's in almost a year? Well Im not aloud to have micdonald's cuz of what my mom saw on the internet like 6 years ago T^T

    _Blue_ Berry_muffin_Blue_ Berry_muffin9 timmar sedan
  • The needle goes in your back

    Sunny lollipopSunny lollipop9 timmar sedan
  • And this is why i am adopting

    Cheese PuffCheese Puff9 timmar sedan
    • its win win some random baby with no family gets a family and i dont have to push a baby through my

      Cheese PuffCheese Puff9 timmar sedan
  • Now I'm hungry for McDonald's

    Lydia FreemanLydia Freeman9 timmar sedan
  • Omg

    Pæstel CoøkiesPæstel Coøkies10 timmar sedan

    Annie SharkeyAnnie Sharkey10 timmar sedan
  • I feel like it’s a bad thing that I didn’t know you were pregnant but you look so good.

    Molly HerendeenMolly Herendeen10 timmar sedan
  • Hi i love you so much

    Lily-Jane SinclairLily-Jane Sinclair11 timmar sedan
  • The way she says chicken nuggets Nuggieeeessssssse

    Xanthe BanksXanthe Banks11 timmar sedan
  • This is how my sister told her husband that they were having triplets Sister(S):Make me eggs? Brother-In-Law(BIL):Sure. One for you one for the baby? S:No, make 4. BIL:2 for you and 2 for the baby? S:No, I'm only getting one egg. BIL:So you're giving the baby 3? S:No, we all get one. BIL:Do I get one too? S:No. BIL:Wait I'm so confused S:One for me BIL:Yeah.. S: And one for each baby!! BIL:Each? S:Oh my god, babe, *we're having triplets*

    Carmen MercedesCarmen Mercedes11 timmar sedan
  • The only reason I’m I’m not getting a raycon is because I’m scared it’s gonna fall in my ears

    ImnotlinkImnotlink11 timmar sedan
  • Not gonna lie My mom's maternity clothes are so friggin comfy I wear them all the time

    Carmen MercedesCarmen Mercedes11 timmar sedan
  • I remember when she would say “I’m not gonna get pregnant”

    Ash_Vibez :0Ash_Vibez :011 timmar sedan
  • The epidural goes in the spine

    that_cat uwuthat_cat uwu12 timmar sedan
  • is Laurens child a girl or boy

    admin stratoradmin strator12 timmar sedan
    • Idk

      Macaroon MoonMacaroon Moon12 timmar sedan
  • I have a name request :> you don’t have to use it but If it’s a Girl: laura???

    ZoKeyZoKey13 timmar sedan
  • Why doesn't she have McDonald's or Panda Express

    Lovely PagolinLovely Pagolin13 timmar sedan
  • 6:53 Her: I peed Me: are you sure you peed or do you need to go to the hospital-

    Boop PowBoop Pow14 timmar sedan
  • How many times did she say tictok oop-

    PandanmiePandanmie14 timmar sedan
  • When you realize what Lauren had to do to get pregnant.🤰

    Boop PowBoop Pow14 timmar sedan
  • Do it again

    Christopher AnthonyChristopher Anthony14 timmar sedan
  • *Yooo😩 I feel so bad for my mom... Because she experienced those big and long epideral needles... 2 TIMES IN A ROW! Also Lauren if you don't know those epideral needles go to ur back spine*

    Samantha :3Samantha :314 timmar sedan
  • Wait what, theres a gender travel video!? WHERE???

    bisexual truckbisexual truck14 timmar sedan
  • That needle is a mashad y oh sorry for any miss spellings I'm 8 years old

    Julie LochheadJulie Lochhead15 timmar sedan
  • Is lauren pregnant?

    Saint DatoySaint Datoy16 timmar sedan
  • She should do the baby moma dance on tik tok lol Btw we all know we want it

    Mica ThompsonMica Thompson16 timmar sedan